We’ll play on our tour with Tiger Magic in Münster at the Baracke together with Slugs And Snails. This show will be in March 3rd, presented by Einfach Machen. Here is the Poster.


Hope to see you around,
below are the other dates of the tour.


We are going finally on tour again. The first ten days of March, a tour through and around Germany with Tiger Magic.

Hope to meet you there!

01.03.13 Leipzig, Germany @ Zoro
02.03.13 Berlin, Germany @ Schokoladen
03.03.13 Hannover, Germany @ Sturmglocke
04.03.13 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ ADM
05.03.13 Brussels, Belgium @ La Compilothèque
06.03.13 Mainz, Germany @ Haus Mainusch
07.03.13 Strasbourg, France @ Molodoï
08.03.13 Köln, Germany @ Limes
09.03.13 Münster, Germany @ Baracke
10.03.13 Hamburg, Germany @ Gängeviertel


December 4, 2012

Well, there are not many news now.
We are still writing songs and looking for record them in the upcoming year.
And we are looking for shows. Please get in contact if you want us to play somewhere, we’ll come around. We are also looking for some nice bands to play some weekends together…

Please get in touch!


Yes, we are coming on tour with Tyran Tyran. And yes, we still need a lot of help. We would like to play wherever you think of. Rehearsal room, your basement, venue, kitchen, squat… whatever. Everything is welcome.
Please let us know if you can help us out.

24.08.12 Hameln, Germany @ Walke
25.08.12 Berlin, Germany @ tba w/ Respect My Fist
26.08.12 help!
27.08.12 help!
28.08.12 help!
29.08.12 help!
30.08.12 help!
31.08.12 Bremgarten, Switzerland @ Kuzeb
01.09.12 help!
02.09.12 Mainz or Wiesbaden, Germany tba

Hey everybody!

We decided to go on tour again! It’s pretty soon and everybody will tell us again that we are too late but thats the only time we could figure out to tour a bit around….
So we would be more than happy about any help!
It’s easy, we are 5 people with a backline. And we play for gasmoney, a place to sleep and some vegan food…

We are also looking for a nice (max.) 4 piece band for sharing the tour van =)

There are also news for the people who are interested in a newsletter. We will cancel the Riseup newsletter, because no one of us has the time to take care about this. So we do the easy way. You can receive the news by clicking on the “Follow” button in the lower right-hand corner of this page, a dialog box will pop up asking for the email address where the news should be sent. And then you’ll hear once in a while something from us….

And one more thing. We uploaded finally a new song, called Grenzen. It’s only a live recording but you can get an idea of it. Listen to it here:

Please check out our possible dates and get in touch, if u like to set up a show, help us in any other way or just if you want to say hello…thx!

rough tour-schedule:

fr, 24.8. Hameln, Germany @ Walke
sa, 25.8. Berlin, Germany @ tba
so, 26.8. ??? east GER / PL
mo, 27.8. ??? PL / CZ / east GER
di, 28.8. ??? CZ / east A
mi, 29.8. ??? A
do, 30.8. ??? CH / Bavaria
fr, 31.8. Bremgarten, Switzerland @ Kuzeb (tba)
sa, 1.9. ??? F / south GER
so, 2.9. Mainz or Wiesbaden, Germany (tba)

Great News

May 3, 2012

we’re really happy to found Lena for playing second guitar! Now we are practicing a lot and looking forward to play more shows in summer…
We will start playing our first shows with Lena and Joh in Münster and Cologne in the begin of June… check it out, if u like:

thx <3


March 16, 2012

Hello and welcome to our new homepage.
We changed now to this one so we all have access to work on it without HTML knowledge. That means we can keep it better up to date. It’s still under construction, some things have to be edited but it’ll be done soon.
It’s probably a long time since you heard from us but there happened quiet some changes. Our bassist Pitt quit the band a while ago, because it wasnt unfortunately the music and the shows that Pitt enjoyed. But he’s still making music and art, you can find his latest outputs here here. So we spend a lot of time in looking for a new bass player and writing songs.
But we found finally a new member. Now is Joh playing bass in Mononoke. He’s playing in as well in the band Abgesågt, a band we share our rehersal room with. So, we’re finally ready to play shows again.
We have nothing planned yet, but we are happy about everything we can play. So please get in touch if you wanna make us play in your local venue, squat, rehersal room or whereever you want. If its too far we can play shows on the way to your city… we’re happy about any offer.
In the time without bass we wrote a few more songs that we’ll start to record in the next coming months. And we are planning to make a split 7″ with the band Critic from Santa Cruz. So we are always looking for labels who want to help us to bring our music on vinyl. The album Aussicht will be coming soon on CD, selfreleased by us.
Well I think thats all news so far.
Thanks for your interest,