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May 27, 2012

Hey everybody!

We decided to go on tour again! It’s pretty soon and everybody will tell us again that we are too late but thats the only time we could figure out to tour a bit around….
So we would be more than happy about any help!
It’s easy, we are 5 people with a backline. And we play for gasmoney, a place to sleep and some vegan food…

We are also looking for a nice (max.) 4 piece band for sharing the tour van =)

There are also news for the people who are interested in a newsletter. We will cancel the Riseup newsletter, because no one of us has the time to take care about this. So we do the easy way. You can receive the news by clicking on the “Follow” button in the lower right-hand corner of this page, a dialog box will pop up asking for the email address where the news should be sent. And then you’ll hear once in a while something from us….

And one more thing. We uploaded finally a new song, called Grenzen. It’s only a live recording but you can get an idea of it. Listen to it here:

Please check out our possible dates and get in touch, if u like to set up a show, help us in any other way or just if you want to say hello…thx!

rough tour-schedule:

fr, 24.8. Hameln, Germany @ Walke
sa, 25.8. Berlin, Germany @ tba
so, 26.8. ??? east GER / PL
mo, 27.8. ??? PL / CZ / east GER
di, 28.8. ??? CZ / east A
mi, 29.8. ??? A
do, 30.8. ??? CH / Bavaria
fr, 31.8. Bremgarten, Switzerland @ Kuzeb (tba)
sa, 1.9. ??? F / south GER
so, 2.9. Mainz or Wiesbaden, Germany (tba)

please comment:

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