March 16, 2012

Hello and welcome to our new homepage.
We changed now to this one so we all have access to work on it without HTML knowledge. That means we can keep it better up to date. It’s still under construction, some things have to be edited but it’ll be done soon.
It’s probably a long time since you heard from us but there happened quiet some changes. Our bassist Pitt quit the band a while ago, because it wasnt unfortunately the music and the shows that Pitt enjoyed. But he’s still making music and art, you can find his latest outputs here here. So we spend a lot of time in looking for a new bass player and writing songs.
But we found finally a new member. Now is Joh playing bass in Mononoke. He’s playing in as well in the band Abgesågt, a band we share our rehersal room with. So, we’re finally ready to play shows again.
We have nothing planned yet, but we are happy about everything we can play. So please get in touch if you wanna make us play in your local venue, squat, rehersal room or whereever you want. If its too far we can play shows on the way to your city… we’re happy about any offer.
In the time without bass we wrote a few more songs that we’ll start to record in the next coming months. And we are planning to make a split 7″ with the band Critic from Santa Cruz. So we are always looking for labels who want to help us to bring our music on vinyl. The album Aussicht will be coming soon on CD, selfreleased by us.
Well I think thats all news so far.
Thanks for your interest,

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